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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

7:12 AM

Teen pink porn video


Related article: Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 15:51:29 +0100
From: Shower Boy
Subject: a day at the beachDisclaimer:This story is a personal story. If you are offended by sexual acts among
siblings, if you are under 18 or if it is illegal to read this material in
your community do not read any further.Note: English is not my mother tongue. Apologies for any misspelling or
grammatical errors. (I hope you like the story anyway)
A Day at the BeachHi, my name is Andy and I am 14 years old and I am from a large catholic
family. I teen gir lady porn have 2 older brothers and 4 older sisters. The age difference
between me and the first-born is 16 years. The youngest of my 2 brothers,
Steven, is 5 years older and my oldest brother, Ian, is 8 years drunk teens fucked
older than
me. My mother died when I was only 18 months old so we had to learn to
take care of ourselves early in life. This is a story about what happened
between me and my brother Steven.Being 14 I struggled with my sexuality. I had a few girls I hang around
with, but boys always seem to get my attention. I always wondered about
having sex with guys but still didn't work up the guts to really go for
it. But lets begin the story.It was one of those beautiful sunny days during a school holiday. I was
home alone and had nothing planned for the day. I was reading a comic book
when the phone rang; it was my brother Steven. Steven left home when he was
19 and was living in a small apartment in the center of the city. I of
course was still living at home with my dad. He told me he was planning to
go to the beach with some friends but they had cancelled and he was
wondering if I liked to go with him because he didn't want to teen nude thumbs
go by
himself. He had already taken the day off from work and he didn't want to
waste it with sitting at home. Because I hadn't planned anything anyway I
eagerly took his offer. He told me to get my stuff together and he would be
there to pick me up in about 30 minutes. I quickly put on my swimming
shorts and packed a bag with a towel and something to drink and eat and
waited for Steven to arrive.As soon as I heard his car pull up I went outside and got in the car with
him. We immediately drove off to the freeway to go to the beach. My brother
was wearing a tank top, shorts and he had his cap on backwards. I had
always admired this physique. He went to the gym regularly he had muscled
arms and legs and it was clear he already dirty teen girl porn
had spent a lot of time on the
beach. His skin was golden brown from sunbathing. While talking to him in
the car my eyes glanced him from head to toes. His body was awesome! He
seemed to get more muscular every time I saw him. Although we are brothers
I had never seen him naked. I had often wondered what his naked teen porn alma body would
look like. Usually when we were together he would be fully dressed, so
seeing him in his beachwear with his muscles exposed gave me a stir in my
crotch. When I realized this I thought to myself "what the fuck is this,
this is your own brother" so to divert my attention I started looking at
the scenery and made some small talk. After about 20 minutes we arrived at
the beach and after we found a place to park the car we pandas teen porn walked to the
shoreline and got our towels out of our bags. I took off my T-shirt and
shoes and lie down on my towel. Steven took off his tank top exposing his
well-developed pects and just the right amount of chest hair, from his
bellybutton down the hair thickened into a "love trail" which disappeared
under the waistband of his shorts. Steven sat down facing me and started to
undo his shoelaces when something caught my attention. He wasn't wearing
anything underneath his shorts so I got my first glimpse of his cock and
balls. I tried not to stare but I had to watch. He had a fat uncut cock and
big low hanging balls moving around in his shorts while he took off his
shoes.Steven settled down on his towel, put his hands behind his head so I got a
nice view of his hairy armpits."What's up little bro never seen a man's cock before?" Steven asked. "I saw
you watching me when teens fucking porn
I was taking off my shoes".Damn I was caught in the act and I felt my blood rush to my head. I began
to stutter " I.. Err.. Umm.." and tried to find a lame excuse."Don't worry little bro," Steven said, "I didn't mind" I was hoping the
ground would open and swallow me; I felt very ashamed."Well have you?" Steven said."Huh?" I stammered, "Have I what?""Seen a mans cock before" Steven said. "You can tell me I am you big
brother you know""Well actually I haven't," I said "Not really"Of course I had seen cocks on pictures but never for real. In school after
PE class we had to take the mandatory shower but this was with guys my own
age and they surely weren't as developed as what I had seen in my brothers
shorts."And?" he asked me "what did you think about mine?""Oh doggystyle teen porn shit" I thought how can I work my way out of this? What if he figures
out I have fantasies about having sex with guys? Just as I was trying best teen porn links
make up an excuse an ice-cream cart came passing by and rang his bell. This
got Steven's attention. Because it was a warm day we were already thirsty."Want some ice-cream little bro?" Steven asked."Yes please" I replied. I was literally saved by the bell.Steven got his wallet and walked off to get us our ice creams. Thankfully
Steven forgot all about our conversation we had when he came back with our
ice creams. The day went on as a normal day on the beach. Lying in the sun,
go for a swim in the sea and shooting some hoops. From time to time, when
Steven wasn't looking I teen porn samle video glanced at his manly body and I hoped to get a body
like him when I reached his age. Just before it was time to go home Steven
asked me if I would like to have some take-away food and eat at his place
before he brought me home."Sure" I replied. "I have to call dad though to tell him I won't be home
for dinner"Steven gave me his cell phone so I could call home. Dad didn't mind me
going home with Steven because it was a school holiday and told me to have
fun.On the way home to Stevens apartment we got some Chinese dirty teen girl porn food to go. As I
entered his place I realized I had forgotten how small a place it bunny teen xxx was. The
apartment consisted of one large L shaped room that had his couch and an
easy chair and a coffee table. In the short end of the room was a little
kitchenette and on the other end of the room was his bed and his
wardrobe. A built in closet had been converted into a shower and a
toilet. There was no door to separate the shower from the room. It was a
small place but I guess it's ok for a 19 year old."Put the food in the kitchen" Steven said as he closed the door behind
him. I walked into the kitchen and placed the food on the worktop."Should I get the plates?" I asked Steven. The day at the beach had kind of
made me hungry."Naw" he said. "It will keep warm for a while, I want to get cleaned up
first"After he said that he walked over to his bed and sat down to take his shoes
off. This made me instantly remember what had happened on the beach earlier
that day. Steven walked over to the shower and turned on the hot water."Sometimes it takes a while for the water to get warm" he said while
walking in my direction. When he was about 6 ft away from me teens fucking porn he stood still
and took off his tank top. Could this be my lucky day and see my brothers
naked body for the first time?"The water will be warm enough now" he said and turned around to walk back
to the shower. He stopped at his bed to take off his shorts. I will never
forget what I saw that moment. The most beautiful butt black teen gay porn I had ever
seen. Steven stepped into the shower and started to lather himself with
soap. I just stood there mesmerized. Steven turned his head and said, "step
over here little bro" "you can wash my back" I didn't know what to do and
felt nervous."Don't be shy" Steven said, "Help your big brother wash his back"I wondered over to the shower and Steven handed me a bar of soap. I started
washing his back and felt his strong muscular back under my trembling
hands. I washed his back from his shoulders to where his butt started and
was afraid to go any lower. "Come on little bro" he said "don't be shy my
butt needs to be free teen porn updated
washed too". I slowly started to massage his cheeks with
soap. I couldn't believe this was happening. Here I was washing teen animal sex my big
brothers butt and until that day I hadn't even seen him naked before in my
life."By the way" Steven said, "You never answered my question at the beach""What question?" I said. free teen flash porn As if I didn't know what he was talking about."What you thought when you looked teen porn starscom
at my cock and balls when I was taking
off my shoes at the beach"Just when I wanted to give him an answer Steven started to turn around and
said "Or didn't you get a good enough look at it". He had a grin on his
face.There he was, my brother, as handsome as they get, in the prime of his life
and fully naked. I couldn't do anything but stare at his muscular body. His
handsome best teen porn links
face, his strong slightly hairy pects, his well-developed abs with
his love trail leading further down to his now uncovered pubes. And there
it was! His fat uncut cock seemed teen sex poems enormous, even though it was soft as it
lay between his big sagging balls."Well?" Steven said. "Don't I get an answer?""It is the biggest I have ever seen" I replied. "In fact I have never seen
anything like it""You like it huh?" he said while turning off the water. "When you are my
age yours will get as big as mine"When Steven started toweling off I was disappointed because I wanted to
look at his cock for a longer time and touch it and put my nose in his
pubes and have a taste of his cock and balls. My brother tied his towel
around his waist and walked into the kitchenette. "Dinner time little
bro". As there was no room for a dining table we put some food on plates
and Steven sat down on the easy chair and I sat down on the couch opposite
him. From that position I could see straight into his african teen sex
crotch. I started to
get a hard-on. Although I tried to hide my boner with my plate Steven
noticed the tenting in my shorts."Someone seems to be a bit excited here" he said grinningly.I felt my blood rush teens fucking porn to my head again. There was no escape, no ice-cream
cart to save me now."You are 14 now little bro" Steven said. "Guess you incense teen porn started jerking off a
while ago, I started jerking off when I was 12" he said.I didn't know where to look. Was my big brother really having a
conversation with me about jerking off? Of course I already jerked off but
admitting this to him felt wrong."Don't be shy" Steven said. "I jerk off every day or sometimes several
times a day"I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't know what to say."In fact" my brother said, "Usually I jerk off when I have a shower" "Come
on" he said, "you can tell me""Well" I started, "I sometimes jerk off yes" I couldn't believe I just said
that. Owning up to my brother I jerk off."I knew it" Steven said, "And have you ever jerked off with some of your
friends?""Absolutely not!" I answered. "I do it when I am all alone""Well you should try it sometime" he said. "I have done it with some of my
friends and it was great" "I still do that sometimes"Wait a minute here.. Was Steven telling me he jerks off with other guys
present?"In fact talking about jerking off sweet teen porn action makes me horny" Steven said and lifted
his towel and showing me his growing member. "I could use some relief right
now, you don't mind do you little bro?"Just as he said that Steven got rid of his towel and started massaging his
cock and balls. In a few seconds his cock was fully erect and he wrapped
his strong fist around it and started jerking. "Join me" he said and there
was this grin on his face again."I'd rather not.. I.. I.." I stammered."Don't be shy we're brothers" he said and he got out of his chair and
walked over to the couch I was sitting on and sat down next to me. "Come
on" he said. "Join in on the fun, get your clothes off". Steven reached
over to me and pulled my T-shirt over my head."I don't know about this" I said. "I am kind of nervous""No problem little bro" he said, "just watch me and join in when you feel
ready". Steven started stroking his cock again and he seemed to enjoy it
very much. Pulling his foreskin back and forth over his cock head. Watching
him with his big hard cock made me very horny and before I knew it I had my
hand in my shorts and started playing with myself."That's it little bro, why don't you take your shorts off" "You will feel
much better that way""What the hell" I said and pulled my shorts down and started stroking. I
kept my eyes on my brothers' dick and tried to get into the same rhythm as
Steven. Steven looked at me and saw me peeking at his cock."You want to touch my dick little bro?" he asked. "Its ok I have no problem
with that" Just as he finished talking he got hold african teen sex of my hand and put it on
his dick. I was so big and it felt hard and soft at the same time."Jerk it" he said in a now soft voice. He guided my hands up and down his
shaft. "Just like that" he said. As he let go of my hand I kept on stroking
his fat cock. "Yeah that's it" he said as he closed his eyes and let his
head fall back to the couch.Here I was sitting on the couch with my older brother, one hand on my own
dick and the other hand on his. Not even in my wildest dreams I thought
this african teen sex was ever going to happen. As I kept on stroking I heard his breath
fasten and he started to make moaning sounds."This feels so good" he said, "Please don't stop" I decided to pick up the
pace a little because I wanted to see my brother shoot his load. Steven's
moaning became louder as soon as I started jerking him faster."O my god, o my god, I am so horny, I am going to come" Steven moaned.Not much later I felt his cock throbbing and his hot cum shot up in the air
and landed on his chin, shoulders and abs. There must have been 6 or 7
shots of his cum. Steven started rubbing his cum all over his chest and
licked it from his fingers."Let me return the favor" he whispered and grabbed my illegal teen porn video
dick and started
jerking me. It didn't take my brother a long time to get me off. I was very
horny because of what I just had done to my brother."I guess we both can use a shower" Steven said as he got up from the
couch. He took me by the hand to lead me to shower cubical. I washed his
body as did he mine. This time however I wasn't shy about touching his butt
and cock and balls.When he dropped me off at my father's house later that evening he winked at
me and said "Want go to the beach again tomorrow little bro? I can take an
other day off from work and you are still on school holiday"Of course I eagerly took his offer. Who knows what might happen??
Any comments to this story? Email me at Boyshowerhotmail.com
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